Carp Syndicate Rules

By accepting a Mopley Farm Cadland Fisheries syndicate membership, you, and every person who accompanies you, accept these rules. Members will report any breaches of these rules or problems with the fishery to the Fishery Manager. The Fishery/Estate reserves the right to cancel membership upon breach of any of these rules.

a.  Membership is not transferable. Members will supply a passport photo for inclusion in the fishing permit, which will be carried at all times when on the Estate.
b.  All members are issued with a car-parking permit, which must be displayed in their car when on the Estate.
c.  Vehicle access via the road gates to the fishery water car parks is for syndicate members only, no other vehicles are allowed.
d.  All members will be given a code to access the locks to this venue. It must not be given out to non syndicate members.
e.  Current Environment Agency fishing licences must be obtained by individual members before fishing
f.  Use car park only. No driving around lake.

a.  Bivvies, litter and line will be cleared up from each swim at the end of each day and removed from the fishery by the member fishing.
b.  Every member is responsible for the shutting and locking of the Fishery/Estate gates.
c.  Members must observe the Environmental Agency bylaws.
d.  If anglers see any signs of disease on any fish please report this to the Fishery Manager.

a.  Knotted landing and keep nets are not permitted.
b.  Large padded & wetted unhooking mats must be used for all large fish.
c.  Adequate sized landing nets must be carried and used.
d.  Rods must never be left cast out and unattended.
e.  Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only may be used.
f.  No bait boats.
g.  No braid as main line.
h.  Braid leaders restricted to 1.2 metres in length.
i.  Maximum hook size 6.
j.  Maximum 3 Rods.

a.  Live baiting is not permitted anywhere on the fishery.
b.  No fish will be removed from the water or introduced to it.
c.  No fires allowed.
d.  No guests. Family members / partners allowed on permission from fishery manager.
e.  No cutting out of new swims or tree/bush cutting without permission of fishery manager.

The Fishery/Estate gives no warranty that the agreement area is legally or physically fit for the authorised use. The Fishery/Estate shall not be liable for the death of or injury to or for damage to any property or for losses claims demands actions proceedings damages costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the member or their guest in the exercise or purported exercise of the authorised use or otherwise. The Fishery/Estate accepts no responsibility for adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond its control that interfere or stop fishing.

7.  You are advised to arrange personal accident insurance to cover the risks involved to indemnify The Fishery/Estate and keep The Fishery/Estate indemnified against all losses claims demands actions proceedings damages or expenses or other liability arising in any way from this agreement any breach of any undertakings on the part of the licensee contained in this agreement or the exercise or purported exercise of the authorised use. Such insurance to be in the sum of at least £2,000,000 (two million pounds) in respect of any one incident (unlimited in number).

8.  The Fishery/Estate takes no responsibility for items left on its property and/or land.

9.  The Fishery/Estate reserves the right to change Syndicate Membership Details, Rules and pricing at any time without prior notice.