January 2015

We, at Cadland Fishery, would like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members, day anglers (Mopley) and visitors to our website. Continue Reading

Latest News July 2014 – IMPORTANT

Before I give an update on the fishery I would like to take the opportunity to remind our members and visitors of the need (in fact it’s a requirement on our waters) to clean and dry all nets, unhooking mats etc, Continue Reading

March 2014

We are coming up to the end of our season (31st March) and I have sent out renewal invitations to all our members. Continue Reading

11th October 2013

Things quietened down during the hot weather (which seems so long ago now) and we were fortunate that we did not have any problems with oxygen levels and fish deaths. I am glad we netted last year as I am sure we would have had problems if we had not. Continue Reading

20th July 2013

‘I think the Carp have finally finished spawning and are lazing around in the hot weather that we are having. They will take bread crust off the surface if tempted but don’t expect them to take it willingly Continue Reading

24th May 2013

Good bags of carp have been had on all our lakes in the last few weeks as the weather has improved and the temperature has risen, although some days you would think we are still in the depths of winter. Continue Reading

Recent nettings

Recent nettings of the lakes were successful in that our goal was achieved in removing a vast amount of small silver fish, surplus to requirements from Mopley and Dark Lane. These were moved to our large reservoir on the estate for growing on. Continue Reading