Dark Lane Pond

Dark-Lane-welcomeTraditionally called Dark Lane Ponds but in fact one large and one small lake on the edge of the North Solent Nature Reserve.

Both lakes can be used by members, although the smaller lake is sometimes used by groups of supervised, younger, anglers or anglers with special needs.

The larger lake is stocked with Crucian, Common and Mirror Carp from 2lbs to 20lbs, plus Bream, Chubb, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Tench.

There is a good head of quality common and mirror carp in this lake that are rapidly increasing in weight, it will become a good carp venue in the near future.

The smaller lake holds a variety of smaller fish, including some nice tench. An ideal lake for members to teach their children to fish. Season Permit includes Dark Lane Ponds and Mopley.