Badminston Lake

The lake is now looking more like a fishing lake than a disused gravel pit. A car park area has been dug out with the gravel being used to top up an area at the western end to make it more accessible to fish from. Lilies and reeds have been planted in selected areas for cover.

A huge amount of willow has been removed that had self seeded and grown in shallow areas before the water levels were stabilized. The only work now is to carry out more planting around the edges, build the swims and to stock.

So as to give the cormorants least time as possible to take the fish, we will start stocking in February 2015 with commons, mirrors, crucians and tench, following up with either perch or pike the following year.

There are already a few roach, rudd, carp in the lake, which is inevitable I suppose as it has held water for several years before we took it over and it may hold one or to surprises.

There will be NO fishing on the northern side as this area and beyond is being allowed to grow wild and places will flood occasionally to give cover and continue to attract the large number of various species of birds that already visit the area. Steps are being taken to prevent the fish from escaping into these areas.

To allow the fish time to settle and the plantings to establish, the lake will open in April 2016. It will be a challenging place to fish with only a few swims and lots of cover for the fish. I am expecting the carp to grow to a good size in this, three acre, lake. It will be part of the season ticket membership only. No day tickets.

Please remember that it is not a public area and it is checked regularly so please do not just turn up and visit it. Members may visit by appointment only.